Here You find all of our milestones in an overview. All important events concerning the Enterprise E Bridge are summarized and linked with our blog posts (German)

Enterprise E Bridge Milestones

Enterprise E Bridge Milestones

Sep 08

Construction of the floor has begun

In August the construction of the floor has begun. The bridge construction consists of four different height levels . [Read more]

May 19

Foundation is laid

Today we laid the foundation for the main bridge of the Enterprise E [Read more]

May 06

Blueprints for the bridge reconstruction

We recently received new original blueprints for our project. [Read more]

Apr 23

Screed bay installed

Today we covered the floor with a screed bay. [Read more]

Apr 16

Boarding for the foundation

The first sod turned. With the great help of the Euderion fan group we completed the boarding for the foundation. [Read more]

Mar 30

Switch boards arrived

We have successfully brought the switch boards for our Enterprise E bridge to our lcoation. [Read more]

Feb 27

New Domain

Now we have an own website domain

Nov 24

We found a location

After a long search, we have found a location for our bridge reconstruction. It is in the beautiful and tranquil village called Rhinow. [Read more]

Sep 12

We looking for a location

For our bridge replica we need a location. That is why we are on an active search to find a place for our project within the area of Berlin- Brandenburg.