Construct the Enterprise E main bridge

We are passionate Star Trek fans. Once to step on the bridge of the USS Enterprise E, this is our childhood dream. Now it is time to let this dream come true.

Since the beginning of 2016 we started the reconstruction of the Enterprise E Bridge. In order to realize the project we use original blueprints which were used in the Star Trek TNG movies. For the construction of the bridge we organized a big warhouse in Rhinow, Brandenburg. After the final construction of the main bridge, we will go on to build the observation lounge, the ready room of Captain Picard and further legendary spots from the USS Enterprise E.

Start of the construction was in April 2016

We started the construction phase in April 2016. First step was to line the Schaltbretter.  Therefore we had to put the boards in a rectangular order to build a stable area (16x16m) for the future floor of the Enterprise E Bridge.

The major construction parts will be cnc-shaped, which brings the advantages to go on faster and more precise with the reconstruction of the bridge. Nevertheless, we need more helpers and supportes for our project. More support is equal we an earlier finishing of the reconstruction of the Enterprise E Bridge, which will be used for fan films and roleplay in the future.

Overview of the important details

  • original blueprints
  • 16×16 building area
  • cnc-shaped
  • we need support for the construction