(C) Enterprise-E mesh by Ed Giggings, Revision of Enterprise-E mesh by Deks – (C) 2016 by Lairis77

The project – Enterprise E Bridge Reconstruction has begun. Since 2016 we started to plan the construction of a new Star Trek film set. Our goal is to rebuild the famous Enterprise E bridge within the next two years. After the reconstruction we will use the bridge for our roleyplay (LARP) and private events. Following, You can find our plannings in a short overview:

Phase 1: Construction of the main bridge

Our mission starts with the reconstruction of the Enterprise E main bridge, which is known and famous from the new era movie pictures Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis. To be precise as possible, we use original blueprints which were used in the original movies. If You like to contribute to the project, please contact us. We need every helping hand, therefore every support is welcome.

Phase 2: Creation of a roleplay universe

After and while the construction phase of the Enterprise E bridge, we will start to create our own roleplay universe. The story will take place in the time of the Star Trek: First Contact movie. Like our friends from the IG USS K’Ehlyer we want to perform LARP (Live action roleyplay). In order to do so, we need writers and storytellers to create our on Enterprise story.