Original Blueprints

For the original replica of our Enterprise E – bridge it is essential that original design drawings (Blueprints) are used.

Christies auction

New York, the year 2006, under the designation „40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection“ various props and collectables from 40 Years of Star Trek were auctioned.
The spectrum of objects range from various props used in the background to large screen used spaceship models.
These auction was named „Sale 1778“.
The auction was broadcasted live on the internet while “The History Channel” recorded it for the documentation “Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier” which was released in February 2007.
The auction was done as the result of the cancellation of “Star Trek: Enterprise” as well as the bad sales numbers from “Star Trek 10: Nemesis”.
The studio wanted to make room in its stores for more profitable projects.

Enterprise E blueprints as reference for that project

While the auction took place, various consoles and scenery parts were auctioned. Also the original Blueprints were sold which were used for the construction of the Enterprise E set.
On the internet, you will find some blurred copies or photos of blueprints with unreadable measurement.
An extensive search, big financial effort and attaching numerous contacts were necessary to get high-resolution copies of the following original and once auctioned blueprints.
All these blueprints we will be reproduced by us in AutoCAD to generate parts of consols, walls, the ceiling and the floor.
Our bridge will offer some extras in relation to the original, therefore it will not be a 100 percent 1 – to – 1 copy.

Blueprint Previews