Enterprise E Bridge - The legendary Journeys

We are the fan project Enterprise E Bridge Reconstruction. Our mission is to rebuild the Enterprise E command center from the Star Trek movies "First Contact", "Insurrection" and "Nemesis". Therefore we use original blueprints.

Our main drive to realize this project is to let our childhood dream come true. Nevertheless, the finished Star Trek bridge will be used for live action roleplay (LARP) and private Events also. Therefore, we ask You to help and support our fan project.

Enterprise E Bridge Reconstruction

On the following pages You will find more information about our project - Enterprise E Bridge. Furthermore, You can find our milestones and recent reports about the construction on our blog.

Phase 1: construction

We want to rebuild the Enteprise E Bridge from the Star Trek movies of the TNG era.

Phase 2: roleplay

While the construction phase we begin to create our own roleplay universe for our LARP.

Why we do this

We are passionate fans. Our big dream is to step on the main bridge of the USS Enteprise E someday. We are not commercial orientated, nor we want to make profit from the project. We just want to let our childhood dream come true.

But why we need money?

You may ask, why we need money? To clearilfy this question in a transparent way, we recommend You to read the following article
Let's talk about Money

Donation account


Please pay attention, that if you donate to our project, You should name the intented use which can be seen in the following